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Praise for A Beautiful Death – Keeping the Promise of Love

“A truly beautiful account of a truly beautiful death.”
Ken Wilber, Author, Grace and Grit

1st prize winner 2015, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards
The author earns our admiration early, and it just keeps on growing. Beautifully done. [read full review]
–Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Gold Medal Winner, Evergreen Award,  2014 Living Now Awards, Judge Comments:
“A brave and soulful account of death…very inspiring.”
“Perfect combination of practicality and spirituality.”
“Plain-spoken and eloquent.”

Judge’s Comments 19th Annual WRITER’S DIGEST Self-Published Book Awards:
This is a beautiful book about a beautiful book, truly. With great skill, wisdom, and grace, the author shares a story that is both heart wrenching and heartwarming. Her authorial voice is solid from page one, right through to the end, and her “characters” are multidimensional and unique. She helps the reader fall in love with her, read more

More Testimonials from Readers

“When a loved one is dying, all we know is that life will never be the same.In the midst of our grief, we may find ourselves inconsolable, beyond the reach of words. Cheryl Eckl’s message to all of us is: You can do this. Her sensitive and honest book takes us to a place that even the closest of friends are not always privileged to enter: the intimate details of a journey through the death of a beloved soul mate and companion. We all will experience the death of loved ones, and one day, we will also die. Knowing this, how fortunate we are to have people like Cheryl Eckl who are willing to open their hearts to us and help us ready ourselves, ­ guiding us to a place where we can grieve, unashamed of our tears, and be certain that beyond our pain there is a place of deep knowing that love never dies.”
Spirituality & Health Magazine

“A guide to facing death, be it your own or a loved one’s, with dignity and strength. A Beautiful Death is a choice pick.”
Midwest Book Review

“In this skillfully-crafted, first-person account of her profound healing journey, Cheryl Eckl provides wise guidance to help each of us face life’s inevitable losses with creative compassion and messy, elegant grace.”
Mark Brady, Ph.D., Author, The Wisdom of Listening and Right Listening

“A gem of inspiration and wisdom. Whether you are a family member, friend, or caregiver of a loved one who is passing on, these real-life lessons can help you love, heal, and experience each other more deeply. As much about how to live fully as how to let go gracefully, A Beautiful Death is a precious and indispensable guide to making our final journey through life a fulfilling voyage of resolution, discovery, and promise.”
Patricia Spadaro, Author, Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving

“Cheryl Eckl writes beautifully about the transformative power of her husband’s final journey—of experiencing life’s deepest joys while facing life’s deepest sorrows. She shares a profound and universal message of hope while chronicling her intensely personal story.”
Bev Sloan, President & CEO, The Denver Hospice

“Cheryl Eckl is doing the work of a Warrior in the World. A Beautiful Death does far more than simply honor those of our beloveds who have passed; it is a sacred vessel that provides healing, equanimity, acceptance, and rest for all of those who have lost or are losing another. In fact, after exploring Cheryl’s profound work, we find that we have not lost anything at all.”
Brandon P. Thompson, Global Faculty, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

“For those with cancer and those who love and care about people with cancer, this book is an invaluable resource to help people face the hard realities, cope with the physical, emotional and spiritual pain, and move toward a more positive and constructive outlook.”
John J. Horan, Chairman of the Board, The Denver Hospice

“Thank you so much for sharing your book with me. What a profound journey. You and Stephen were such a blessing to each other. And now you’ve shared that blessing with others in a way that will help them in the midst of their own pain, loss, and spiritual longing and fulfillment. I was so deeply moved through all you wrote, and your guidance and questions, and favorite books at the end were gems all in themselves.”
Ruth Judy, Ph.D., Global Faculty, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

“How have I been prepared? By reading A Beautiful Death, I’m a bit steadier on the deck, more ready for the appearance of dark clouds on that seemingly distant horizon.”
Ann Edgerly Klaiman, Author, Publishing the Literary Magazine

“As a financial planner, I often work with people who are either trying to cope with the impending death of a spouse/loved one, or have recently experienced that loss. Having never gone through the trauma they are facing, I do my best to be empathetic and understanding. But, I can’t possibly say ‘I know what you’re going through.’ Cheryl’s book is a wonderful way for me to say ‘I may not know what you are experiencing, but maybe my friend’s journey can help you to make it through what you are facing.’

“The book does such a great job of telling the positive side of a spiritual and emotional journey, but also tells it ‘like it is’ when it comes to the not-so-pretty nitty-gritty of what happens when your loved one is dying a long and painful death. If someone is going through that journey, and approaching a death, the book can help to prepare them for what’s next.

“If one’s loved one has already died, Cheryl’s candid story of the struggle to learn to live her life alone can help a person to know they aren’t alone in their struggle. It is definitely a book I will keep on hand to give to those I think could benefit from it.”
Cynthia L. Conger, CPA/PFS, CFP®
Recognized by: Wealth Manager’s “50 Distinguished Women in Wealth
Management” and WORTH Magazine’s “Top 100 Wealth Advisors”

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