Embracing Life’s Ultimate Spiritual Journey

A-Beautiful-Death-2015First Prize Winner! 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Judge’s Comments: The author earns our admiration early, and it just keeps on growing. Beautifully done. [read the full review]

From the back cover: What happens when the love of your life is about to die? In this compelling story of selfless courage and compassion, Cheryl Eckl chronicles how she and her beloved husband, Stephen, moved beyond merely coping with his imminent death from colon cancer to approaching it as one of life’s great mysteries—a process of profound learning, mutual devotion, and deep personal growth.

Writing with stunning candor and immediacy, Cheryl takes the reader on a journey that plumbs the depths of loss and soars to the heights of the soul’s release—even providing a powerful glimpse into the Other Side of life. A Beautiful Death – Keeping the Promise of Love offers comfort and hope. And may even change how you view life’s inevitable end.

Read why Cheryl felt compelled to put her moving experiences into words at The Book.
If you doubt your own ability to face the end of life, read Cheryl’s encouraging introduction: You Can Do This


“There are blessings and miracles inherent in a person’s final hours. By embracing the experience, those of us who remain can make death a sacred adventure of great love and resolution. I welcome you with all my heart to what I hope will be for you a source of support as you face life’s most difficult journey.”

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